In This Corner of the World – anime movie review


“In This Corner of the World”, an Anime movie released in 2016, tells a story about a young Japanese girl and how she lived her life through World War II.

This young Japanese woman named Urano Suzu marries into the Houjo household during World War II. There, it shows how she lives every day – doing chores, running errands, and sketching with her artistic talent.

The movie portrays how she and her family, both her own and her in-laws, lived throughout the war. The storyline really carries out in the movie, creating more tension as hints of the second World War start to become more clear.

As the movie progresses, the viewer can feel the sense of the reality of how it was like to live during the World Wars. The movie shows the equipment and events of the time period: the military troops, the warships, the siren alerts, the air raids, having to hide in a bomb shelter, and the aftermaths of the attacks.

This Japanese film has a very interesting way of putting visuals into this movie. Because of Urano Suzu’s artistic talent, the scenes seem to be visually drawn. The transitions with the look of sketches, drawings, and even paintings. Even at some parts of the movie where it vaguely tells about a horrible event, it is portrayed using beautiful art.

Overall, this movie conveys the living of a Japanese young woman during World War II. It allows the viewers to see and to feel the harsh conditions of the people that were trying to live happily and peacefully there. “In This Corner of the World” is definitely an amazing movie to watch and to learn from – to understand how World War II was for the Japanese people when they were once believed to be our enemies. This film is available for stream on Netflix services.