Cytus 2 – Game Review


Interested in music, anime, and high graphic mobile games? Well, search no more for that new game as Cytus 2 fits within all the criteria!

Cytus 2 is a mobile music rhythm game created by Rayark Games, released on January 18, 2018. It can be played on phones, but I do recommend playing it on bigger devices due to the game mechanics, like a tablet or an iPad.

The game contains a variety of music such as pop, electronic, hardcore, rock, classical, jazz, and other music genres. There might even be one song that you can get addicted to. It has many characters, but some of them are not for free. For the paid characters, each is $9.99. With the free characters, there are enough songs to play, so you don’t need to pay unless you want more music and more lore of the game.

The game has five difficulties to play on – Easy, Hard, Chaos, Glitch, and Crash. When playing for the first time, the easy difficulty will seem hard. This game is the “start from the bottom and work your way up” type of game. After a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to play with both hard and chaos difficulties. One thing to take in mind though is that the Glitch and Crash difficulties are insane, you will need to use fast fingers like lightning-fast fingers. So, if you want finger cramps, go for these levels.

Ratings from 1 – 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best):

Controls – 9: Self-explanatory. Tap and/hold on the icons to the music.

Graphics – 10: Very detailed graphics – pleasing to the eye.

Gameplay – 9: Smooth playing if you have a newer phone. Because I played it on an iPhone 6s+, it has little-to-no lag.

Music – 9: Because of the different kinds of music, it is enjoyable to listen to the varieties. Some sounds can be quite addicting, too!

Storyline – 5: The storyline can be confusing if you do not read the dialogues correctly. And there are many logs to read on, so if reading is not your thing, then the storyline will make no sense to you, and there is a lot to read.

Average Rating from my ratings – 8.45/10

This game is very enjoyable if you are interested in music, nice game graphics, and long storylines. There is usually something new from every update – collaborations, new music, and new characters!