Tell everyone about him… Candyman(2021)


This past weekend I took the time to see Candyman(2021)  in theaters. Despite it not topping the original 1992 version, it was quite entertaining. The sequel takes place in present times, about 10 years after Cabrini Green was torn down. After the night artist Anthony Mccoy tells the story of Candyman, he does some research to tell Candyman’s story through his art.

Throughout the movie, Anthony and those around him face repercussions for saying his name 5 times in the mirror. I loved the way the 2021 version referenced the original. I also love how the newer version included how racism is tied to Candyman’s story. Director Nia Dacosta did an amazing job of making the sequel as graphic as possible. I appreciated the fact that this movie didn’t just retell the original, but it embraced what the original was while adding new aspects throughout it. However, I would have loved it if the 2021 version topped the scariness of the original. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d definitely rate it an 8. Overall, Candyman (2021) is worth the watch, tell everyone about him, just don’t say his name 5 times.