Will Roddy Ricch have his fans waiting even longer for an album?


It’s been two years since Roddy Ricch dropped an album and he’s keeping his fans waiting for the next album to drop. Fans are expecting a new album from Roddy this year. The question is when will Roddy release it this year, in a couple more months or even longer? There’s a lot of people waiting for this album, especially myself. 

If it does drop this year I am predicting (mostly hoping) that there will be more than 20 songs on the album. This is one of the concerns that I have and want to know how many songs will be on the album. I know a lot of people who have been waiting for two years for this album and they will be disappointed for an album with just 10 songs. Just like Bryson Tiller did he had his fans waiting for years for an album and when he dropped people were disappointed because it only had 10 songs on it. 

Is Roddy Ricch going to have his fans waiting even longer for an album to drop? Ever since June when Roddy dropped a song called “Late at night” I was expecting an album in early July. July came and went with nothing new. I really don’t expect it to drop any time soon anymore, but I’m just going to wait and see.