After 1 year and 8 months Red Velvet are back!


Finally, the queens are back and we cannot be more excited!!! A K-pop girl group Red Velvet who is also known as one of the summer queens of K-pop are finally coming back with their new mini-album after almost 2 years since their last comeback as a whole group with the album “The Reve Festival: Finale” which was released on December 23, 2021. Now with their new comeback the group are releasing a mini-album title “Queendom” which consist of 6 songs with the title track “Queendom” itself and 5 B-sides that include “Pose”, “Knock on Wood”, “Better Be”, “Pushin’ N Pullin’”, and “Hello Sunset” which were all being released on August 16, 2021, at 2 AM PST. This was their first comeback after their hiatus as a group since the beginning of 2020. 

As their fans know, the group went on a hiatus as a whole group after releasing their last album “The Reve Festival: Finale” in 2019 due to member Wendy’s accident and injury during a practice performance. While they were on a hiatus as a group and Wendy was getting into physical rehab the members of Red Velvet continued making music as a sub-unit and solo which include the sub-unit group “Irene & Seuligi” who debuted on July 6, 2020, with a mini-album “Monster.”

Wendy, who recovered from her injuries, also made her solo debut with the mini-album “Like Water” on April 5, 2021. But she wasn’t the only one, another member Joy, also made her solo debut with a special remake album of the famous song from the 1990s to 2000s which is called “Hello.” Finally, we can’t forget their youngest member Yeri, who has made her acting debut with “Drama Stage: Mint Condition” which was released on March 3, 2021, and now she is in a leading role in a web-drama called “Blue Birthday” which is still airing on tv as of right now.

After all the solo adventures, the girls are back again as a group making more great music and already making history, topping charts, and being a hot topic with the new album and new great concept that they have always been giving their fans. Right after their album dropped the group had an online fan meeting interview on Queendom. Queendom is paid content on the Vlive app that Korean artists use to communicate with their fans, such as a live stream, variety show, online concert, and even a movie or shows. This is a common thing that most K-pop artists do when they have a comeback, they would do a live or pre-recorded comeback show where they perform their new songs for the first time.

 As fans know, the first few weeks of a new comeback is the busiest week and we won’t be surprised if the group is planning to go on variety shows, music shows, and much more content to promote their new album. Even before the album was released the group were guests on the famous YouTube variety interview show MMTG to interview, play games, and give a preview of their new song “Queendom” and members Joy and Yeri also went on the show Amazing Saturday to play music games to win food and to perform many of their songs.     

With this new comeback, we can expect much more content from Red Velvet. please keep looking forward to them. Keep an eye out for content that may include dance practice, dance performance, behind the scenes, vlogs, and much more. Of course, there will be more music shows that they will attend for the next few weeks to promote the songs. 

Music shows that are common for K-Pop stars to be guest on and promote their music are the following: 

The Show on Tuesday, Show Champion on Wednesday, M Countdown on Thursday, Music Bank on Friday, Music Core on Saturday, and Inkigayo on Sunday.

It is possible that the group may be guests on American shows such as the Late-Night Show or Genius Open Mic.