Review: “Canvas”


If you usually spend most of your time not knowing what to do or even wondering if you have the will power to start doing anything besides binge-watching shows or movies, just like I would, then here is a short film you should focus your attention on Netflix

Not feeling like you want to watch a long storyline and just need a break from doing activities over the break? Well, I’d recommend the short story released in 2020 called, “Canvas” on Netflix.

Canvas is a short film that was released in early December of 2020. It was produced by a former Pixar animator, though the film is on Netflix. This short film covers a grandfather who suffers the loss of his wife and loses his artistic inspiration and will to continue doing art. Through the help of his daughter and granddaughter, he’s able to regain his artistic composure along with his passion and inspiration for art.  

This story will give you a boost of confidence in leaning onto better things for your life. Most people need a break from doing things, because it is either emotionally, physically, or mentally exhausting. They end up losing faith in bouncing back up from what they were doing and would tend to slack. After watching this cartoon short film, I’ve been given insight into another perspective of someone at their lowest, who had the courage to look outside their comfort and bounce back up from where they were.

I feel that this short film shows you multiple lessons and aspects to learn from when you pay attention to the emotions of the characters and the overall plot of it. It shows you how losing a loved one can really be demotivating and cause a time period of confusion and sadness, especially if they were an important person in your life. Though it also shows us that it’s okay to accept help and learn to heal from these losses that you suffer, that you don’t have to be alone while you go through such a hard period in your life. That these emotions you feel over this are very much valid.

In the film, there is very minimal sound, as the story is mainly told through the emotions and actions of the characters, and this was displayed well in my opinion. I feel like a good job was done here, there was a good message seen and told. I would definitely recommend this for those who like short animated dramas. I feel like any age group could watch this and be somehow content with it.