NCAA football is back

NCAA football is back

February 2, 2021, the gaming company Electronic Arts Sports (EA) just announced that they are finally continuing the NCAA football series that was originally stopped in 2013 After NCAA 14 was released.

 But why did they stop making them?  

The first problem with the game that people noticed was the players didn’t have the names in-game showing, it would just say #2. There was a setting in the game where you could put last names, but it was fake names. This issue happened because EA wasn’t paying the players as they were in their Madden series football game for the NFL. EA ended up agreeing to pay 40 million dollars to the players for every game, but this was a problem because the players were still in college and the NCAA didn’t want them making a profit while still in school. In my opinion, this was a very selfish decision by the NCAA because the college players are in a video game that has millions of copies sold and can’t get paid a dime because of an outdated rule. The money could be used to pay off student loans because not all athletes have scholarships. 

Now 8 years later and EA sports come out saying that they are bringing the series back, but how without any NCAA violation?

 My prediction is that they will have the actual people’s face, but no last name which will feel weird but with everyone wanting to go back to playing the game, I don’t feel like it will be a big problem. This has everyone hyped up on social media and now wondering who will be on the cover of the next game, but we haven’t figured out what year or time they will release the game. My guess is when they release Madden, they will release this too. They could also make the game a part of Madden so you don’t lose people from Madden who just storm to NCAA football. 

With that being said and all of the die-hard fans of NCAA football can not be more excited for what Electronic Arts has in store for us with news of continuing the NCAA football series after 8 long-awaited years.