Bad Bunny Takes Best Latin Trap Album of 2020

Bad Bunny Takes Best Latin Trap Album of 2020

Marisol Cabrales

This Bad Bunny Album “YHLQMDLG” released in February was one of mine and I know many others top highlights in 2020. The album name stands for “Yo hago lo que me da la gana” which in English means, I do whatever I want. It debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, and is the highest-charting all Spanish album ever on the chart. It also became Spotify’s most streamed album globally of 2020.

The “YHLQMDLG” is a Latin trap album, but incorporates elements of R&B, electronic, reggae, and rock music. One thing about Bad Bunny is that the Puerto Rican rapper, singer and songwriter, is so diverse with his songs and albums. The way he jumps from one style to another in all of his albums is breath taking. Each and every one of the songs on this album has a different vibe and the stories he tells in them are so smoothly brought out.

One of the top songs “Yo Perreo Sola” is more of an up beat songs, it’s of course a fan favorite. The name of the song in English basically means, I dance alone. In this song Bad Bunny is really enhancing and bringing out female empowerment from the dirt, he himself also expresses different drag personas throughout the music video.

The messages in this song are intended to bring out attention to harassment, transphobia, and “machismo”. With the lyrics in the song and all throughout the music video it is delivering messages like ‘no means no’ and that ‘women should not be objectified.’ This particular song and music video that he dropped gained a lot of attention. This goes to show that Bad Bunny uses his platform for what is good and he will continue to keep dropping albums and fire songs that satisfy every one of our emotions.