You Have to Check Out Netflix’s Blood of Zeus


To me, it’s always been really hard to find good quality videos or content to explain Greek mythology. I’m tired of rereading the great Percy Jackson books and watching the mediocre Clash of the Titans. Like Perseus really fell in love with a cow! But back to the point. Netflix released an original anime based on the story of Heron called Blood of Zeus in October of 2020. I don’t tend to binge a lot of Netflix original’s, although I hear a lot of them are good, but Blood of Zeus is beyond good. It’s not a story you can tell with live action, I always think that Greek Mythology can be portrayed thousands of times better than live action. There’s much more potential and the right amount of gore, because let’s face it, the Gods did NOT show mercy.

Blood of Zeus tells the story of Heron, with 8 episodes all ranging from 20 minutes to 50 minutes long. Heron is a child of Zeus and is facing his destiny, like many of the Greek stories. Heron hates being Zeus’ son and Hera opposes anything Zeus tries to do to aid what he loves. Demons, Titans, and Gods are beautifully portrayed in this anime.

When I saw all the Titans come out, I was absolutely baffled. They looked amazing. There is a scene where Hermes takes the audience to deliver a soul to the river Styx, a river you must cross to find your place in the Underworld. The camera then shows a panorama of Elysium, the fields of Asphodel, and finally, the House of Hades. There’s times where you can yell while watching in excitement, or at the dumb decisions and low willpower of Heron. 

This show takes a viewer through much of the Greek mythology. It has the right plot twists and good pacing. The artwork of this anime is absolutely beautiful, and the fact that the violence is there makes it so much better. Blood of Zeus gives justice to Greek mythology after many horrible portrayals of it. Blood of Zeus is a must see, I personally guarantee you are going to want to binge this show. I think this is one of the best shows of 2020, and I’d rate it a 9.4/10, but only because some of the pacing is off.