The Greatest Performer of the Generation


2018 was arguably one of the best years for artist Travis Scott. He witnessed the birth of his daughter, he released his long awaited album Astroworld , and Travis went on one of the most famous tours to date. Across 2 tour legs and over 35 performances of back to back sold-out shows, Travis grossed $53.5 million.

Travis Scott describes Astroworld as the excitement that he experienced as a child that he is giving back to the fans. The album brings his roots straight up from the depths of Houston and it’s just the perfect destiny. Six Flags AstroWorld closed down the year Travis was born, so this album is the definition of how he lives life. Star features and production from The Weeknd, Drake, Tame Impala, Pharrel Williams, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Tay Keith, Frank Ocean, Chase B, and so many more, were essential to the beautiful excitement and art that is Astroworld.

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But we’re focusing on how Travis Scott is the best performer alive. Videos of the Wish You Were Here tour were everywhere. In this tour he brought along artist Sheck Wes, Trippie Redd, and Gunna. It was a big year for all of these artist, Gunna released collaboration album, Drip Harder, while Trippie released 2 projects including his debut album, and Sheck Wes just signed to Travis’ label Cactus Jack after his song Mo Bamba went viral. This tour was bound to be amazing. Unfortunately Trippie decided to leave the tour after experiencing too many production and timing issues which made all the artists have even less performance time.

Travis Scott showed up with rollercoasters, banners, and pure childish excitement. Guest artists like Young Thug and Drake gave surprise performances and rising artist Don Toliver performed the song CAN’T SAY alongside Travis. Don Toliver was a rising artist in Houston and Travis just knew he needed him to be in Cactus Jack. Travis Scott went up against Kanye West and Jay-Z in concert gross. And Travis Scott announced one of the most hyped up music festivals ever, AstroFest.

AstroFest was a star studded festival happening at the exact location of the closed down Six Flags AstroWorld. Carnival games and activities were active, not one but two stages of performers were there to give the fans what they wanted, and the crowd was over 50,000 people. The AstroFest was announced to be a yearly event, and in 2019, the crowd now had over 90,000 fans. Surprise performances by Kanye West were peak moments. Travis played alternate versions of his songs known as Mike Dean Remixes that upped the bass and made the songs more magical. The concert was never quiet. Sections were always jumping, mosh pits were forming, and fans were screaming.

Travis set a new bar to performing. Other artists like Kanye West, Drake, Juice WRLD, and Kendrick Lamar were absolutely astonished at the world Travis had created. Travis Scott brought back the excitement he experienced throughout his life and gave it back to the fans in every way possible. Travis Scott changed many people’s life to live the thrills and chills to the max. Travis Scott changed my life as well when I saw him perform at the Golden One Center in Sacramento. Travis Scott can arguably be one of greatest performers of this generation. Travis Scott is the definition of this generation and excitement you should be living in.