MY Opinions and Facts on NBA 2K21 Since Launch


NBA 2K21 MyCareer Trailer Reveals Story Details And New NeighborhoodIn my opinion 2k21 could be one of the best 2k’s since 2k16 or 2k17 and this is still the current gen. Since launch this game has had its ups and downs. but they weren’t bad downs it was just beginning of the game.

Some of the problems were,  people that bought the Mamba Forever Edition weren’t able to get our 100,000 VC it was supposed to come with, we couldn’t buy VC and when we did we wouldn’t get the VC we bought, and some people couldn’t even get in the game because they couldn’t connect to the servers. But no game is perfect at launch and they fixed those problems within minutes and the game was good to go with all our VC.

Now we get to the game play which is amazing. In the beginning of the game it was one of the greatest times I had on launch since NBA 2k16 or 2k17 and those are considered some of the greatest 2k’s of all time. My expectations for this game were super low and this game exceeded my expectations by a million.

Here are the negatives that aren’t necessarily negatives, but mostly people that aren’t good at the game complaining. A lot of people were complaining that shooting was impossible to green a shot, which was 2k’s goal to create a skill gap for the casuals and the people that actually play the game competitively. What they did was they made the green window a lot smaller which makes it super hard to green a shot. Some people didn’t even get to play a game in the park and it already almost got a hot fix. But what people didn’t understand was that you actually needed badges to shoot the ball consistently. The dribbling is also so much fun now that you actually have to know how to dribble to get open.

Stay tuned for my next article on suggestions for next gen NBA 2k21.