Logic Has NØ Pressure


Logic has retired from music with the release of No Pressure.


Rapper Logic released his final album, No Pressure, on July 24, 2020 announcing his retirement alongside it.

The album is meant to be a sequel to his debut album, Under Pressure, which has now gone Platinum. The album is supposed to signify all the things he’s been through in the music industry and the freedom he finally feels dealing with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

The album was executive produced by No I.D as the album was made in one week and refined over the course of a year. Logic has said that he is making almost no money from the album because he has sampled so much from Erykah Badu and Outkast.

Some of my favorites tracks are A2Z, Perfect, and Soul Food 2. This album gives a lot of ode to his whole career with Soul Food 2 just being a sequel to his Soul Food song from Under Pressure and the 2nd part of the song being a whole summary of his 2nd studio album, The Incredible True Story. A2Z actually features Logic’s child, Bobby, and has a percentage on the song. Every bar incorporates a letter of the alphabet which is sampled by Steve Blum, the voice actor of Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero.

Logic has been taking a break from social media to focus on his own life. His previous album, Supermarket, was the process of him falling in love with his new wife, which he now has a child with. Since retirement, Logic has signed a $3 million deal with Twitch and is sponsored with Gfuel. He has been at his happiest time in his life feeling no pressure and focusing and knowing what is best for him.