What You Should Know Before Watching ~ EUPHORIA

What You Should Know Before Watching ~ EUPHORIA

Izeria Abram

Euphoria is a teen drama based on high school students going through difficult situations. However, much of it may not be appropriate for all ages. The show has quite a few relatable experiences that many of today’s students may have faced in high school.

The main character of the show is a teen girl named Rue, played by Zendaya. You already know Zendaya from her roll as MJ in Spiderman and the MCU. You definitely see Zendaya in a different light because she plays a very intense role here.

Rue is the narrator throughout the whole season Rue herself has gone through many things, one of them being an addiction that she cannot seem to kick until she meets her new best friend, Jules.  It may sound ridiculous, but Rue considers Jules as a new type of high, all though she may not admit that she does.

Not only does the show deal with addiction it also deals with toxic relationships, body shaming, assault, finding yourself, drugs, and much more.  I must warn you though, Euphoria is not very PG, but it’s definitely a great show. The ratings are literally 4 stars, so if you’re an upperclassmen, then I suggest you find a spot on the couch and grab a snack because you will definitely be in for a treat with this one.