Season 5 Call of Duty Easter Egg


Hey Chavez community, It’s me Zach Martinez bringing you the newest updates in the entertainment world. Today I wanted to talk about what Call of Duty didn’t tell us about in the patch notes, a lot of times they leave things out of the patch notes for us to go find for ourselves. So what were gonna do is dive into this together.

Like I said before there was a lot of big changes in season 5 and sometimes the game developers don’t tell us everything so I did a little research and  found some pretty cool stuff and now I’m sharing that info with you.

One of my Favorite secrets is when you kill someone in warzone, no matter what, the opposing player will drop a shield plate. This will occur whether he had one or not, which is great because when I’m going crazy I am gonna need some shields which is a huge dub in my book.

They also added new small propane tanks that you can throw and they acts as a grenades. They also hinted at a new LMG and it is called the K.A.C. LMG. However, it’s not gonna hit like a truck like the Bruen Mk9, but it should move pretty quickly. They also added a new Barrel for the Grau 5.56 its called the FFS 11.8 Squall barrel, for attributes…Trash, but you’ll move a little quicker.

Now when you skydive there is a skydive trail. They also dropped the buy back price from 4500 to 4000, which is huge. Another key addition not spoken much about it the addition of an elevator to the dam because there was no other way to get up there. 

The last thing is an unsolved Easter egg, we’ve seen the bunker updates which led huge updates, but there is a new keypad in the back of the bunker with an 8 digit code, and there are computers in the stadium behind the doors of the key card readers. You need three different key cards from three different spots which is ridiculously hard to do, no one has even gotten in there yet. Stay tuned to see what can be found.