Great Scott! The Scotts


As many gamers and fans know around the world, Travis Scott held a live virtual concert on Fortnite. Fortnite and Travis Scott? I know right. Well no one knew what to expect whatsoever, yet the concert was magical and something that had never been done before.

On the first virtual experience of five, the 10 minute concert had a viewing of 12 million people. That´s around 12,000 Fortnite lobbies to hold that many people, and that was just the 1st viewing in America. However, that wasn’t the most amazingly shocking part of it all. From this event came something that no one knew they needed, a snippet of a song with Travis Scott featuring Kid Cudi.

From the few moments heard in the virtual experience, the song was deemed to be a hit, and it was. It held the most streams in a 24 hour time period on Spotify at 7.45 million while it went to #1 on Apple Music as well.

Later, on the premiere of the Fortnite event, Cudi took to live stream along Travis and share yet another song with both of them on it. If you haven´t guessed it yet, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi are set to release a collaboration album with their group being known as THE SCOTTS. Nothing else is known as of now, but we expect an update soon. Music is feeling extremely promising this year. Stay safe.