Comeback of Call of Duty


Call of Duty, one of the most iconic first person shooter games around the world, has been gaining its popularity back at an aggressive rate. The most recent release, Call of Duty: Warzone, is currently dominating live stream platforms. Around this time, fans are expecting news on the new Call of Duty game from the fan favorite company known as Treyarch. Many known fans, like myself, favor Treyarch in that they were the first to introduce the mode of zombies.

What we know as of now is that the new COD game will not be known as Black Ops 5, but that the game is set in the era of World War I.  In this time of quarantine, fans and normal players are turning to older versions of COD games to keep busy which is causing a constant demand in the game.

YouTubers such as Tim Hansen and MrTLexify have been uploading and streaming Call of Duty Zombies constantly. Search results have tremendously increased for the 4 specific words of ¨call of duty zombies,¨ because of Treyarch creating the next COD game in the series. Zombies holds much nostalgia in the COD community from the empty eeriness of Nacht der Untoten to learning how to train in the undead theater of Kino der Toten.

The hype around Call of Duty 2020 is building up, and it´s building big. Go back and play classic Kino or the beautiful masterpiece of Origins. Even buy Zombies Chronicles on Black Ops 3 which remasters all the classic Black Ops 1 and WaW maps. Are you ready for Call of Duty to come back?