Movies / Series to watch 2020 in Netflix


Netflix is an app known for its variety of movies and series . In 2007 Netflix released its streaming app that allowed its members that had a paid subscription to be able to stream movies on their personal computer . Becoming popular for movies and shows like bird box with 80 million views and murder mystery with 73 million views, according to THE IRISH TIME’S website . In this list I will be naming some movies and series that seem interesting to watch in 2020 . (Some of the movies that are mentioned might be rated R , and might be an old movie or series and not made recently).

Z Nation 

One of my favorite zombie series, the series is about a group of survivors that are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and transporting the only known person to survive a zombie bite to the nearest doctor. From New York to California they try to make more vaccinations to get pass the zombie virus and as they try to survive the different types of zombies and other survivors. This series has action, horror, comedy-drama, and adventure and a rating of TV-14.  It also has 5 seasons fro binging (might have scenes and gore) .

The Mist 

A series based on Stephen King’s book “The Mist” published back in 1980 . The series takes place in a Maine village where the residents seem to be trapped indoors and avoid going outside where inside the mist a creature waits for victims to feast on. The series is about how a father is trying to join/protect his family that are trapped in the mall along with other survivors and at the same time trying to stay alive by avoiding the creature in the mist and other survivors. This series has science fiction, horror fiction, thriller, but only has one 10 episode season. (be cautious there are scenes and gore with the rating of TV-MA )


Recently added to Netflix, with only having three episodes in the first season so far and the rating of TV-14 . The show is about how a nun and others are trying to find weakness and do what is needed to stop Count Dracula from drinking blood and killing innocent people. (might have some gore scenes )

The Haunting OF Hill House

The series is about a family that moves into a house that seems normal at first, but as they grow up in the house they find out that the house is not normal. Flash backing in time from past to present the family confronts the haunting memories that they had / have of that house. Having only one season and ten episodes and the rating of TV-MA (has scenes and foul language TV-MA).

Anne with an E

I haven’t personally watched this show, but I have been told that this is a good show. The series is based on Anne of Green Gables and has 3 seasons and about 10 episodes in each season. (season 3 recently released) It is also rated TV-PG for family viewing. The series is about an orphan girl that is adopted by a family and shows to have an imaginative mind as she tries to make friends with other people .


The series might be a bit old, having its most recent season released back in 2017, but it’s one of my favorite crime solving shows. The series is about a detective (Sherlock Holmes ) solving the almost impossible and famous cases, along with his companion Dr. Watson, known for his unique ability to profile a person or thing in a matter of seconds. The show is rated TV-14 and has 4 seasons with multiple episodes.

The Umbrella Academy

Based on the novel “The Umbrella Academy” by Arthur and singer Gerard Way. The series is about a billionaire “Reginald Hargreeves” adopting seven children and creating the Umbrella Academy to prepare the kids to save the world, but sadly he dies leaving the kids clueless on how he died. On their quest to find the cause of his death they have to deal with a looming threat to humanity. Rated TV-14 with one season and ten episodes,second season is already confirmed and on the way.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch    

Taking place in 1984 , the movie is about a teen/young boy that is an aspiring game programmer, but ends up questioning reality. A reason why I think that the movie is great is because it doesn’t just have a great story-line but it allows the viewer to choose what happens throughout the movie with multiple endings (choose your own adventure). Being rated TV-MA ( has foul language and sequences of violence) .

The Witcher 

Based on the games and novels the series is about a princess (Ciri) finding her way to a Witcher (Geralt of Rivia) to complete her destiny and it also shows the adventures of Geralt of Rivia in his journey to fight monsters and try to improve his reputation and the world. Rated TV-MA with one season and eight episodes with season two filming now ( has graphic scenes, foul language, and mild violence).

 The 100

Having seen a couple of episodes I enjoy the series. The series is about a group of survivors that lived in a space station. They then created a group of 100 prisoners and sent them to earth after 97 years of living in the station to test if the earth is livable due to them having to leave earth in the past due to a nuclear apocalypse. Then the group of 100 find out that it is livable, but have to face survivors that were already on earth surviving. It is rated TV-14 and has 6 binge worthy seasons and more (hopefully) coming soon. ( has graphic scenes, foul language, and mild violence).