Stranger Things Valentine’s Day Trailer Released


The Stranger Things YouTube channel has unexpectedly decided to release a 50-second teaser trailer on Valentine’s day. The trailer showcases the snowy landscape of Russia, which is said in the title, Rest in Peace Alexei. The trailer has fans curious as to why we watch Russian workers building railways and see armed soldiers advise them. BUT, as the end of trailer nears, the camera focuses on a similar figure. SPOILER for Stranger Things Season 3: as we know, Hopper had died in the Season Finale to save all of Hawkins and maybe the world as we know it. Yet, the camera fastens on the figure it’s focused on and the man takes off his beanie. Instantly fans of Stranger Things recognize who it is, the one, the only, Jim Hopper… and he’s bald. Now we anticipate how in the upside down Hopper has managed to survive and escape his pulverization.