Super Smash Ultimate – Challenger #5


At of 6:00 a.m. PST on January 16, Super Smash Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai, finally revealed who is the final fighter completing the Fighter Pass #1.

Byleth, a wanted character from the Fire Emblem series in particular Fire Emblem: Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch, is coming into Smash. Now being the 8th playable Fire Emblem character in the game, Byleth plays a lot different than other Fire Emblem characters do. Byleth not only wields a sword, but he can wield relic weapons from Fire Emblem: Three Houses which are an ax, a bow, and a spear. Like Corrin and Robin, Byleth can be male/female as alternate skins. A new stage also is unveiled, “Garreg Mach Monastery” which include 4 different areas in the stage, 11 soundtracks, and some cameos from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Byleth will be released on January 28.

More mii costume are coming as well. Expect to see the following: Altair, a Rabbids costume, X from Megaman X, Megaman.exe from Megaman Battle Network, and Indie game character Cuphead!

What Nintendo character, or third party character you would like to see?