Forza Horizon 4 goes Battle Royale



Throughout the year of 2019 we’ve seen many games that tried the battle royale formula. Some where a big hit while others ended up as a disaster. However, when Playground Games pushed Update 12 for Forza Horizon 4 not only the famous 1993 Toyota Supra was added in, but they threw in a new game mode called ‘The Eliminator’. This game mode throws in 72 players on the map of UK where they must race head to head to eliminate their rival with the chances of upgrading them or getting their rivals car.

The catch is that if you are both out of the zone while racing it’ll end with an elimination, so all racing must be done while in the safe zone. When it comes to battle royale, loot is everything. Of course getting good loot often depends on where you drop in, but in ‘The Eliminator” instead of looking for guns or armor you might wanna get out of the starter Mini Cooper via Car Loot where you can upgrade your car. In the final circle the remaining drivers makes a mad dash across the zone where the winner takes all…