My Chemical Romance Getting Back Together?


On March 22nd, 2013, the official My Chemical Romance twitter account announced the band’s breakup. Six years later on October 31st, 2019, that same account announced a return for the band. On December 20th, 2019, the group will be playing a show in LA, bringing back the band for another show. When tickets for this returning show went on sale it took less than half an hour for all the tickets to be sold out. People have been waiting for six years, losing hope that it’d ever happen. Just minutes after their return was announced, people were already creating theories about new music and tours, even though none of it has been confirmed yet.

A lot of loyal fans have related the reunion to an old community theory called the “Smashing Pumpkins Theory.” Apparently some time when the band was still together, the lead singer, Gerard Way, said that he wanted the band to follow the same path as the Smashing Pumpkins. The Smashing Pumpkins was together for twelve years, broke up for six, and then got back together. The theory was that the band would do the same thing, since they broke up after twelve years as well. For years people just brushed this off as a crazy fan theory — little do they know, it came true. There are a lot of other little hints like this that fans have noticed. For example, the last song released before their break up was titled “Fake Your Death.” As well as their last album, Danger Days, canonically takes place in 2019. There are so many different reasons people have come up with, but one thing is for sure, we’re happy they’re back together.