FIFA 20 Review

FIFA 20 Review

Ramon Vaca

FIFA 20 is the 27th installment in the FIFA series since the first one ever released, which was FIFA International Soccer released on December 15, 1993. FIFA 20 was available on September 27, but if you pre-ordered the Champions or Ultimate Editions you got the game three days earlier on September 24.

The difference between the three versions of FIFA 20 is the perks that you get for each one. For the Standard Edition, that released three days later than the other two versions and cost $59.99, comes with 3 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Rare Gold Packs ( 1 pack per week for 3 weeks), you get to choose one of five mid-version Icon Items for 5 matches on Ultimate team, and Special Edition FUT kits. The Champions Edition cost $79.99 and this version comes with 12 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Rare Gold Packs, choose one out of five mid-version icons for five matches, and a Special Fut kit. Lastly, the most expensive one out of all three coming at a price of $99.99, and it comes with 20 untradeable FUT Ones To Watch Players for Ultimate Team, three days early access just like the Champions Edition, 24 Packs, and one out of five icons for five matches. Those are all the versions you can get for this game and one new feature EA has added to this years FIFA is Volta Football.

Volta Football is just like FIFA Street if you have ever played that version of FIFA before, but it’s basically a football match with only three players on each team rather than 11. The pitch is much smaller than a real soccer field and each side has smaller goals to make it harder to score goals. You can also make the match a 4v4 or 5v5 if you want more players on the field. The new feature also allows you to change where the match is set and what feature the pitch will have. For example, you can play a match in Tokyo, on rooftops, with no walls, and in Amsterdam.

Everything for Ultimate team is pretty much the same, but they have added a couple new icons like Zinedine Zadine, which is one of the most notable ones. EA has made a few improvements here and there like improving the A.I. Defending, adding more football clubs to the Romanian league, more stadiums in which you can play in, and improvements on one-on-one scenarios so the goalkeeper won’t have superhuman reactions like in last years FIFA.