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A growing trend across the internet recently has been people sharing their thoughts and views on food from across the world as they slowly eat the pile down describing likes and dislikes. This growing trend has become known as a MUKBANG.

MUKBANG’s have become the hottest trend online. There are videos online of people eating large amounts of food while telling their stories. Examples of food they eat are seafood boils, Wing Stop, Popeye’s, bowls of ramen, multiple pizzas, and anything that can be thought of. Most MUKBANG’s can be found on YouTube and I personally enjoy Bloveslife the best.

YouTube is not the only place however, as MUKBANG’s have gone viral across the internet they have been popping up on YouTube, Instagram, Snap chat, and Twitter. How MUKBANG’s work are people sit down with their food spread out on the table and then describe how the food taste, the ingredients, and the texture all while eating it in small amounts at a time. The first noteable American YouTube MUKBANG was Trisha Payats. She would take trips to fast food places or restaurants and eat the food in her car in front of her camera. As these MUKBANG’s get more popular everyday, more and more people tune into them. Many MUKBANG’s across YouTube have more than a million views.