Fortnite Mobile Now Supports Bluetooth Controllers

Fortnite on mobile now supports your Bluetooth controllers for your mobile devices. Fortnite has grown a huge attraction from when it was first released and has only grown ever since by making its game compatible with a console, Android, and iPhone devices. This update will allow mobile players to enjoy the game comfortably and play Fortnite with ease.

 “Epic Games” have been working on the idea of controller support for mobile devices for a long time now, giving updates from as late as November 2nd, 2018. They stated that they would be testing multiple controller set-ups as they worked to enable support for this. After a few months of waiting, Fortnite will now support Bluetooth controllers for their mobile game. This update will not only make the existing mobile Fortnite players happy, but also bring in new players and increase its mobile player base by making the game on mobile more comfortable and easier to play than ever before.

Epic Games also isnt stopping just at supporting Bluetooth controllers for iPhone and Android, but also allowing more high-end phones to play at 60 FPS without their device overheating. The developers of Epic Games stated, ¨We’re doing some validation on devices to make sure they can maintain a high level of performance over multiple games without overheating.¨ This will allow Fortnite gamers to jump into matches and save their crisp plays to show to their friends. 

Epic Games are really working hard to help better the quality of the game for its mobile player base. The reason why is, the mobile game has brought in a huge money for Epic games. Earning over 300 million dollars on its first 200 days of being released and now earning 2.5 million dollars every day.

Fortnite is an overall great game and making these updates will make it even more popular than it already is today, with its ever-growing player base, I am pretty sure these updates won‘t disappoint.