10 Things to do While on Winter Break!

10 Things to do While on Winter Break!

Exams will soon be over and in no time break will be right around the corner. That means more time for yourself, family, and projects that you may have in mind. This is a list of some activities that can be done on your free time during break:

1. Invite friends over to your home.

While on break, you’ll probably be at home with family, so why not invite some buddies over as well. After all, you all do go to the same school so why not have some time together as well during your break.

2. Bake Holiday Treats.

If you are not the best pastry baker, this will be the perfect time where you can get the oven ready and learn to make some deliciously sweet treats. Maybe even get some extra help and have fun in the kitchen this winter break!

 3. Christmas Tree Farm Visit

 Whether you buy a tree or not, it’s always fun to get dressed up nice and cozy and head out to a local farm where you can look at all types of trees that are available 

4. Holiday Workout

 This activity is the best for those who enjoy working out. During break there is no need to worry about starting your workout routine late due to homework and studying. Find some new exercises and get that work in!

5. Catch Up On Your Entertainment  Shows

With nothing school related in the way, catch up on those shows you pressed pause on and never finished because you had a paper to finish and turn in. Netflix and Hulu are your best friends when looking for a good show of whatever category you’re interested in.

6. Go Shopping

Didn’t go to the Black Friday sale? Don’t worry now that you have free time on your hands you can catch up on buying gifts for yourself or for those you love!

7. Clear Out Your Closet

 Tired of you closet being overflown with items you don’t need anymore? Well this is the perfect time to organize and give those items you don’t need anymore to you local homeless shelter. Now you’ll have a clean closet and a smile on the face of a less fortunate individual.

8. Preparing a Self- Care Routine

 Now it’s the perfect time to get around to a routine that’s all about you! Try out some meditation techniques, skin care routine, maintaining proper nutrition, techniques on maintaining the right attitude. Any routine that will make the best you!

9. Make Christmas Cards

 If you’re the type to like arts and crafts maybe making Christmas cards is a great way of spending time on a gift for many to enjoy.

10.  Explore The Outdoors

 Yes, it is winter and it’s cold but the winter season gives a new life to the outside world. Have fun walking through the dewy grass, or maybe look for a nearby park and get some warm sunlight.