Detroit Become Human- The Path to Humanity

Detroit Become Human- The Path to Humanity

David Garcia and Alex Callahan

Detroit: “Become Human”, a new game from Quantic Dream, is a top of the line crime investigation game that turns into you protecting the lives of many, and ultimately being in charge of the the fate of a little girl’s  life. But what will happen if you were an android, in the midst of everything. What will happen to you in result of your decisions? 

Detroit: “Become Human” is an adventure story game created by Quantic Dream. The story involves you playing as three sentient androids in a futuristic Detroit, where androids serve basic labor for human life. The game focuses around your choices and will tailor to how you play and decide your story line. Each android has a unique personality and their (your) choices affect Detroit in crucial situations and it changes the story of the other androids you can also play as.

In Detroit, a massive surge of androids projecting human emotions become an issue, and at the same time you must solve the mystery behind the reason why androids are becoming this way. You experience it first-hand and must prove that you and other androids are not a threat but are just trying to live in peace among the humans.

Detroit:” Become Human” has a hidden message about our American history dating back to times of segregation.