Nostalgic Shows That Teens Relate To


CCHSOracle Staff

Shows form the 90’s that teens need to check out.

     Teenagers love binge watching shows that they relate to most. It can deal with conflicts like depression, bullying, peer pressure, and most of all, embarrassment in school. There are valuable lessons that teens learn from these nostalgic shows. Most people have never even heard of the following shows before:

As Told By Ginger

    The life of junior-high student, Ginger Foutley, along with her friends try to rise together and face conflicts that come their way. Luckily for Ginger (Courtney Gripling) the most popular girl in school likes her and includes her in her social plans. At home, Ginger writes her adventures in her diary. Her younger brother, Carl is often getting into trouble with his friend Hoodsey Bishop, and her mother, Lois is always there for advice, which Ginger is open to listen to. 


    Daria Morgendorffer is an intelligent, unpopular, and quite sarcastic teen girl who tolerates life among the others teenagers at Lawndale High. Although, the rest of the cast might sound like a group of clichés. The show includes: the popular sister, the mother who lives for her job, and the blonde stubborn cheerleaders dating equally minded football stars;  they are in fact, hilarious. This includes the teachers. With a history teacher with anger issues, a sensitive English teacher, a man-hating science teacher, and a principal that only cares for money we have a complete cast of misfits and humor. 

Boy Meets world

    We see the adventures of young schoolboy named Cory Matthews and his best friend Shawn Hunter. He has a teacher, Mr. Feeny, that is always on him, Topanga girls crush who he has trouble understanding, and a family that keeps his life interesting. As the year goes by, Cory grows up and everything changes. Shawn begins to feel the stress of his not so perfect life, Topanga becomes more than a friend, and real world conflicts lead up to Cory becoming less naive and more responsible.