Origins of Battle Royale


The origin of battle royal games originally comes from film. The genre was evolved from a unique movie of the same name, a 2000 Japanese film, Battle Royal. This is listed in the same genre of that action game with the blends of survival, exploration, and scavenging materials. Often times there is also a “last man standing” aspect to it.

The major concept is for a single player or a team (mostly formed of  2 to 4 players) to last the length of a timed match of up to a maximum of 30 minutes. They will last longer by collecting elements on the sets of location(s) and in most cases to craft/find weapons and other utility devices that would help in the advancement to acquire the top position. Having aspect of moderns weapons and some of old fashioned; such as bows and spears.

A massive amount of the quality of the game is of the game play, but some of the major titles also have a cosmetic appearance to them. Currently the most famous in this genre is Fortnite and H1Z1. Another aspect to most battle royals is the ability to customize one’s character to one’s personality.

These games are of an increasing trend, and with this demand it has made a unique transitions to mobile. This mobile transition has made it for those who don’t have gaming consoles like  Xbox, PS4, or PC to be able to experience the thrill of the battle royal genre games; Fornite and now PUBG.

With our personal experience of the game, as of “testing” the game we can conclude that everyone should try it, as like most trends, it would have a tendency of receiving massive hype, but overtime the “hype” would start to breach outwards and lead to another new trend. So everyone should get on and try this new battle royal trend in gaming.