Acrimony Movie Review

Acrimony Movie Review

As people we tend to feel entitled to things. This is understandable as  when we work for something we expect to obtain those things. Are you willing to take what you deserve? Tyler Perry gives a new twist on the word “entitlement” in his new movie Acrimony. In the movie Melinda Gayle (Taraji B. Henson) starts the movie off in a courtroom with her ex- husband Robert (Lyriq Bent) and his fiance Diana (Crystle Stewart). Melinda is being told about her rights as she is given a restraining order against her and the anger management classes she now needs to take due to her actions regarding her ex- husband and his fiance.

Melinda’s story begins with meeting Robert and falling deeply in love with him. Later Melinda’s mother dies and leaves her a large sum of money and a house. Melinda then starts to spend her newly gained money on Robert later putting herself in debt. One night, after Melinda buys Robert a car to get back and forth to the company he is trying to sell a self sustaining engine to, Melinda waits for Robert to call her. Robert does not call forcing Melinda to call him. She talks to Robert and suspects that he is lying about what he is doing so Melinda goes to his mobile home and waits outside to watch and see if anything is amiss. As soon as Melinda thinks about leaving she sees her boyfriend being unfaithful with another woman. Melinda then proceeds to drive and hit the Mobile Home with her car. The trauma from Melinda hitting the steering wheel causes internal bleeding and ruptures her ovaries. No children.

After this episode Melinda forgives Robert and marries him with no support from her family. Melinda then runs out of her mother’s money and continues to financially support Robert and his engine of the future. Melinda then has to re-mortgage her mother’s house. Robert is now told to help the situation by working with her families business and does not pull through. Mothers House Gone.

To add on the stress on losing her mother’s house, Melinda now believes that Robert is cheating; again. After enough of dealing with her husband’s selfish acts, Melinda files for divorce. No Husband.

Little did Melinda know that this would ruin her ever having a happy life. No Happiness. 

After the divorce, Robert moves in with someone else and sells his engine for millions of dollars. Robert then visits his ex-wife at work and gives her a check for ten million dollars and her mother’s house keys. Regret.

After hearing about Robert’s new fiance Melinda believes that she is entitled to the life that Robert is giving his new Fiance and goes psychotic leading to an ending that is one for the books.