CCHS 2017 Prom Preview

CCHS 2017 Prom Preview

Ciara Gaston, Sports Editor

On the last weekend in April Cesar Chavez 2017 will be holding their annual prom. Prom 2017 will be presented as “Old Hollywood.” To be eligible to attend prom students need come to school everyday on time and cannot get into any trouble at school. Students must not be on the no-go list and also have to make sure that all of their tardies and absences are cleared.

In order to clear absences, students have to check the list and see how many Thursday school detentions they must need to make them clear. Thursday school is after school from 12:00pm to 2:15pm. Chavez administration has created a sliding scale of making up absences and tardies. The scale is set as such: 10-15 days=1 Thursday school, 16-20 days = 1 Thursday school + 2 detentions, 21-24 days = 2 thursday schools, 25-30 days = 2 thursday schools+2 detentions, 31-34 days = 3 thursday schools, 35-40 days = 4 thursday schools, 41-45 days = 5 thursday schools, 46-49 = 6 thursday schools.

Also students need to remember that serving detention does not change your attendance but it will help you be eligible to buy prom tickets. Prom will be held on Saturday, April 29th from 7pm to 11pm at the Stockton Ballroom. Tickets will go on sale in the student store March 13th-17th for $45. After the 17th tickets will go up to $55 until March 31 and then from there until April 21 tickets will be $65.

If you are bringing a guest you have to make sure they are 21 or under and his or her school has to approve them as well as our school approving the paperwork.