Rainbow Six: Siege


Tom Clancy’s video games are very well-known throughout the gaming community. They are military based games that are technical and detailed. The Rainbow Six series: are squad-based first person shooters that take place in urban environments. There are 18 Rainbow Six games that have been made so far with the newest release being Rainbow Six: Siege. Rainbow Six: Siege was released on December 1, 2015, by developer Ubisoft Montreal, and published by Ubisoft. Siege puts heavy stress on environment destruction and cooperation between players. The gameplay is very tactical, where you along with 4 other players on your team will have to use teamwork to succeed.

Players choose operators from different counter-terrorist units, which have different gadgets, nationalities, weapons, and bombs. New operators come out in DLC’s and like all operators in the game, you buy them with in-game currency called “renown” that you get playing matches. Operators that come out in DLC’s are 25,000 renown each. The game modes are: secure the area, hostage rescue, bomb, tactical realism, situations, and terrorist hunt. There’s also the option to choose to play casual matches or play against skilled players, you can play ranked matches. In ranked matches, the ranks are bronze, silver, platinum, and diamond, with diamond being the highest. Once you hit diamond rank, you can play against pro-league players who play in competitions against other teams for cash prizes.

The maps in the game range from attacking a grounded airliner, to a bank, with the attacking team choosing various entry ways to come in. In matches there are two teams: attackers vs. defenders, which is 5 vs. 5. There are attacking operators and defending operators who all have special gadgets to either protect themselves, use against attackers, or as support for their team. All the maps in the Siege are very beautiful and well-made; some maps even take place during the night. In every map. You can shoot holes and open up walls to peek through to have a more strategic view of the enemy and kill them. The destruction in the maps is perfect for Siege because it gives different ways to go in a room or take out an enemy. Overall, Rainbow Six: Siege is a perfect and well-executed game for what it’s meant to be. People who love first-person shooter games and want realism, will enjoy this game for years to come. 10/10