McDonald’s Most Common Meal


History & Location

Kroc’s first McDonald restaurant opened on April 15, 1955  at 400  North Lee Avenue in Des Plaines, Illinois, near Chicago. It was demolished in 1984 after many models. Kroc’s incorporated his company as McDonald’s system which he later renamed the company McDonald’s corporations.

McDonald’s is very delicious i love the fries

— Ashley Vang

Decor and Service

McDonald’s employees are polite, and also patient. But sometimes the wait is loner than expected.

The Main Course

I think they’re very delicious with sweet and sour sauce

— Diana Garcia


 has nice textured bread that’s lightly toasted with a fried chicken patty seasoned with pepper. Also has mayonnaise that’s so delicious with freshly cut lettuce. If you take one bite you’ll be back for another one.

Secondary Entree

French fries: crispy on the outside perfectly fried ,and has the right amount of salt that come with little packets of ketchup.


I totally recommend McDonald’s their food is very tasty, they have o lot of different foods to choose from.