It’s Sushi… and a Buffet!?

Chow Mien, Wonton, Tamagoyaki!

I like the sushi here. It is soooo good.

— Avery Kanyahak

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You ever wondered about what will happen if you combine a sushi restaurant with a buffet? No? Oh well, you’ll find out anyway. It becomes a Sushi Buffet! Not a very creative name but at least it gets the point across. The Sushi Buffet is a place where you can eat sushi as well as eat a plethora of food they have displayed. It may not sound appetizing first but you know what they say, “don’t knock it until you try it!!”

When it comes down to it you’d wonder what would be the main dish, the sushi or the buffet table? Well truthfully, it can be either. Though the sushi round table is rather large and intimidating the buffet table is actually rather nice too despite it’s smaller constitution. … Maybe the sushi is the main dish…

Anyway sushi! What is sushi you ask? It’s a Japanese dish that, while well known to the non-Japanese, is actually a much newer version of the dish known formerly as ‘nare-zushi’. Not as good as the common sushi nowadays but the more you know. But anyhow, sushi is a staple for this restaurant. With it freshly made behind the counter and served to you on small boats that travel around the counter it’ll amaze you with it’s absolutely yummy taste! The sushi there, which ranges from salmon to eggs to fried, is large and filling. The rice is fresh, the right kind of sticky, and really good while the range of the ingredients in the sushi is absolutely flavorful. The sushi here is the pinnacle of this establishment.

The buffet table is but a small one unfortunately… Though they serve up some good food like their pot stickers and hot and sour soup the selection overall isn’t all that grandeur. The fries aren’t the best around and the vegetable egg roll was rather… damp on the inside. Along with that there’s the huge problem concerning the dessert section, it’s the fact that they barely have a selection of it! There may be jello and cookies but that’s most of what is available! It’s so small that they use it as a part sauce section! On the other hand however, the soups they serve taste pretty good and the steam buns aren’t that bad. Personally, if you’re going for the buffet and not the sushi you don’t want to head here.


When it comes to decor it’s not that bad. It’s not flashy, having just enough tables for everybody and enough furnishing to make one feel comfortable. It’s big television over the sushi bar is entertaining to watch, making it less awkward and boring to sit over at the bar. Service here is good too, the employees here range from friendly to distant and while not everybody feels comfortable with throwing on a smile it does get bothersome having them serve with the lifelessness of a broken doll.


In the end, come here for the sushi. The sushi here is amazing and fresh. The buffet is alright at most and is more like extra fillings if you don’t want just sushi. A plain restaurant but that’s not so bad.