Humongous Tacos from El Forastero!

Best Tacos!

Ashley Vang, Copy Editor

When you want tacos that’s worth your money, head on to down to El Forastero’s!


Born in Mexico, but later in 1999 immigrated to the U.S. Then worked in local Mexican restaurants, where they learned how to cook. Then in 2007, the three brothers opened their first restaurant in Sacramento, California. They named it “El Forastero“, meaning someone who is or come from other place. Jose, Javier, and Eduardo Davilla’s mission is to “provide you with BEST Mexican food along with the BEST customer service available.”

Main Course

Tacos are the most common food any human being orders when ordering at a Mexican restaurant.

Tacos are really good. I love the sour cream, and cheesy meat.”

— Te'Ah Davis 11 CAPA

This is not no ordinary taco though, they go all out. From small to huge. From the soft tortilla, to the steamy spicy hot asada. And when cilantro, salsa, guacamole, and lettuce on top? It’s a hit. You get a taste of the spicy meat, and then the coolness of the salsa and guacamole. Oh, don’t forget the sour cream, one of the favorite toppings. Whoever created this masterpiece is a genius, without a doubt.


If getting a dish, you would need a drink to wash down the food. A compliment of this dish or any Mexican dish is the horchata drink. A sweet, fresh, cold drink to enjoy and down the food. This drink has a slight cinnamon taste to it, almost like a cinnamon bun.

Here I am enjoying a cool horchata drink. It is refreshing.

Here I am enjoying a horchata.


Horchata is like God’s milk.”

— Diana Garcia 10 HealthScience


El Forastero employee’s are patient and kind. They are willing to wait until you make up your mind. The inside of this restaurant is covered with paintings of the Mexican culture.