Take a quick stop to In-N-Out

Greatest comfort of all time

Comfort food

Sometimes all you need is to take a quick stop for some comforting food. It is something that is not messy and you don’t need a spoon or fork to eat it.That’s what In-N-Out is for.

The very first In-N-Out restaurant

It all started off in 1948, Harry Snyder and his wife introduced the very first drive thru burger stand, in California. He was in charge of getting fresh ingredients every day before dawn and preparing them. Meanwhile, his wife was in charge of the accounting for their restaurant.

Harry Snyder also was the creator of the two way speaker box, which we still use to date. He wanted to have the true meaning of “drive thru.” His creation allowed people to order their meals without having to leave their cars.


  1. Hamburger
  2. Cheeseburger
  3. Double Double
  4. French Fries
  5. Milkshake
  6. Beverages