Olive Garden, The Second Happiest Place on Earth

“When You’re Here, You’re Family”

Olive Garden: Italian Kitchen

According to the Wiki, “Olive Garden is an American casual dining restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine. It is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc., which is headquartered in unincorporated Orange County, Florida, near Orlando.” Also, in 1982 General Mills launched Olive Garden in Orlando. Within seven years, the chain had close to 150 restaurants, which is really good. And with 840 locations it is safe to say Olive Garden is the largest chain of “Italian-themed restaurants in the U.S.”


The bread-sticks are the best.

— Mercedes Hernandez

“The bread-sticks are the best.”


Many people visit Olive Garden for their pasta and there respectable prices, but many people forget about the bread-sticks that the servers bring out when you are first seated. This simple recipe for Copycat Olive Garden Bread-sticks makes buttery, garlic-scented, and chewy bread-sticks that are downright delicious. Through out the whole night they stay perfectly heated and taste as great as they did in the beginning. This is why the breads ticks are always good appetizers and don’t always need to order something else off of the menu and save you some money. It is advised to order appetizers if there is a larger party than three though, cause the bread-sticks will go fast. And if you want extra bread-sticks they start at $3.39 and dipping sauce with four more is $3.79.

The service is as impeccable as the bread-sticks. You are never disappointed with how they treat you, and you they are always walking around. So if you need something just a quick gesture and they will get to you imminently. The restaurant is also kept very clean and orderly, makes it easy to find your way around and keeps you feeling comfortable eating there. The other customers are usually very respectable too, everyone keeps their volume like everyone else’s. Not too quite to talk, but loud enough to make it comfortable to talk about personal business.


Chicken Alfredo

The Chicken Alfredo is a very common, customer favorite. It is very reliable to never disappoint, and is above average foods. The chicken is very savory and is doused with their “signature Alfredo sauce made from scratch daily.” The homemade sauce “combines simple, fresh ingredients like butter, cream and Parmesan cheese to make a rich topping to our fettuccine pasta.” It is respectably priced at $16.79 and contains 1,480 cal. Having this dish with the already served bread-sticks make this meal unbeatable. If you don’t like chicken or Alfredo, they have an expansive menu with a numerous amount of choices.

Now you have a choice between soup or salad to go along with your main dish. They have a selection of their four homemade soups or either their “famous house salad.” The soups are very mouthwatering and make wish you ordered only soups.

You can never go wrong with their ever so delicious Chicken Alfredo. It makes you coming back for more.



Just looking at the pictures or even simply their name gets your mouth to start watering with a desire to devour these desserts. They have a great compilation of all types of desserts. Varying from the all loving Chocolate Mousse Cake to some Tiramisu. And they just came out with their Chocolate Caramel Lasagna for $8.29. There is a total of eight choices but with their wide variety you can find what you would like. So make sure you have some room leftover in your stomach before you’re done because it’ll be worth it.


I love creating my own pasta!

— Marcus Rodriguez


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