Filipino food with a twist

Where can I find it?

Papa urb’s Grill can be found in down town Stockton  at 331 E Weber or in Tracy California.  We are very lucky to have one in Stockton. When ever I pass by Tracy I always think of Papa Urb’s.

It originally well known in Tracy but eventually opened in Stockton. Its worth the visit

What should I get?

The most known food in the menu is their amazing sisig fries. Fries topped with yams, well marinated sisig, and their secret Urb sauce. The sauce is what makes the fries special, with its rich flavor being mixed with fires and sisig. But the little things have a big impact on the taste. You might not notice the fresh green onions, fried sweet potato, a hint of sriracha sauce, and cilantro, but they make a big difference combined all together. The fires is served large enough of two people to share, unless you’re as hungry as I am, then it can easily fill up for just one.

What type of meat do you prefer with fries

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Tocino is one of my favorite ways to make pork, but how they make it taste more savory. Caramelized pork cutlets served with over easy egg, next to it is a side of rice and with salad.

Inside the restaurant has a lot of open space and home vibe feel to it. There is no giant fancy T.V to distract you from your meal, but just a nice and simple sit down and eat type of deal.

If you want to try something new, then I suggest heading to Papa Urb’s. Make sure to bring friends to make it more memorable. I only go when I have the chance but it always makes me wanting more every time I leave and so will you. It will be worth it at the end.

“One of the best fries I’ve have tasted”

— Gilbert Arevalos

“Better than carne asada fires”

— Paris Soeung