A mouth watering Mexican dish to eat

What’s the food?

The recipe that my mother that has always made, was the same recipe that was passed down to her from my great grandmother. It’s called Posole. It has been in my family for years now.

It’s well known and easy to make but takes time and exact instructions to follow in order to be able to get it as good as my mother and great grandmother makes.

“Homemade posole made from my grandmother is the best

— Edward Moreno 12th, Communication Technology

The main dish is the Carne Asada, also known as beef. We are suppose to chopped it into square or rectangular slices, Next, we are suppose to boil the meat into a medium to large pot with ground salt, that is spread into the boiling meat to sit and simmer in for added flavor. It takes at least an hour and a half to be properly cooked.

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The secondary dish is the harmony and the chilies that were blended and cooked. The harmony is cooked for about 15 to 20 minutes at most to make sure that it was not under cooked. While its soft, its also kind of chewy but that does not stop it from being a good dish.

“It taste great, depending on how you make it and I love it when you put the perfect amount of chillie and lemon.”

— Angel Sanchez 12th, Engineering

When served, its usually served in a bowl with a plate that’s underneath it. To prevent you from burning yourself. The way my mother served the posole is having it set up on the table waiting for us to come and eat.

It is recommended that you eat this dish because, while its not like other traditional soups, it is still good to eat. While it also being something that you can eat with family for occasions.