TV Show Review: “Psych”

Psych is a eight season long t.v series that has comedy, heart and thrill. All episodes can easily be watched on Netflix at anytime.

On July 7, 2006 Psych was aired and USA Network knew it would do great against it’s competitors In Plain Sight and Underfunded by giving it 11 one hour episodes in the beginning. James Roday and Dulé Hill star as Shawn Spencer and Burton “Gus” Guster. Shawn Spencer never had a job longer than six months but finds his home as a “psychic” detective at the Santa Barbra Police Department. Emphasis on the psychic because he isn’t really psychic. His dad, former detective for SBPD, raised him to have nearly perfect photographic memory. And Gus is his childhood best friend living out their childhood dream of being detective partners.

In the first episode Shawn visits the the SBPD knowing who did the crime by just watching the news at home. When he is pulled into question he uses his “psychic” skills to try and prove his point, but Detective Lassiter, played by Timothy Omundson, is having trouble believing him. A police officer then comes in telling Detective Lassiter they found out who it was, and Shawn was right. Chief Karen Vick is impressed and asks him to help them on a high-profile kidnapping case. Shawn agrees, knowing he just found a new career.

This program has many side characters such as already known Timothy Omundson as Carlton Lassiter, Maggie Lawson as Juliet O’Hara, Kristen Leson as Chief Karen Vick, Crobin Bernsen as Henry Spencer (Shawns Dad), Kurt Fuller as Woody the Coroner and a few others. All these characters play an important role on the two main characters if it means by being a harsh mentor, a love interest, a pain in the behind, or someone you are always trying to please.

Psych received a four out of five stars from IMDb for the time it was aired, July 7 ,2006 – March 26, 2014. It will be remembered as a comedic Police procedural.