A Show that will keep you at the edge of your seat!!

The Walking Dead, is a popular TV series that starts with the main character Rick Grimes. He plays as a sheriff that was later sent into a comatose state, due to being shot in the aftermath of a speed chase.  He was in his coma for at least 45 days, but was somewhat conscious in his state while its happened like it was yesterday for him, but was the entire time period was going day by day. He wakes up after his long sleep but not to the city he was used to. The hospital was in a mess due to things unknown, he leaves the hospital and comes across a undead moving corpse that was cut in the mid-section. He meets a African American man and his young boy, Morgan and Duane James, who took refuge in a abandoned home and explains what happened to the world. After they went there separate ways, Rick is off to his journey to search for his missing family that he doesn’t know if there alive or dead.

The Walking Dead, is a horror drama television series that based and created from the comic book series made by Frank Darabont. The series was aired on October 30, 2010, with six seasons to present and has a seventh season coming out soon this October. The series started out with a sheriff named Rick Grimes, who is played by Andrew Lincoln and his character’s partner, Shane Walsh, who is played by Jon Bernthal. Andrew’s character was shot due one of the people running from the law, then was in the hospital and went into a coma.

The minor characters that interact with major’s one the most is Rick and his partner Shane, who has taken it has his responsibility to lead the group due to them think Rick is “dead”. The minor character’s that become major are Glenn, a pizza delivery boy. With other character’s filling in roles of people who meet up by chance to live.

They go through life and death situations everyday that they are not careful. If they are bitten or killed in other ways than a bite, then they come back as a zombie or more known as a “Walker”. While also living in shortage of food and supplies and finding constant resources to to survive the dead.

This show is recommended to watch due to this plot, while the same in some instances for zombie flicks, adds a change up and leaving you to watch for more episodes and to rage on cliffhangers. It will be an experience that you would not expect.

  1. Rick and his partner Shane, called up due to them picking up a distress call for a high-speed chase towards Rick and co.
  2. Rick at the hospital, due to being shot in the lower left abdomen and being sent to a drug-induced coma to keep him from dying.
  3. Rick leaving the hospital and seeing changes to the surrounding area and comes across a half cut corpse that is still moving life if its alive.
  4. Rick getting hit in the head by a small African American boy, thinking Rick was a walker that was trying to attack him.
  5. Rick later wakes up in a dark room on a bed, where he is tied to the bed and talking to Morgan about him mistaking him for a zombie.
  6. Rick, Morgan, and Duane who was introduced as Morgan’s son, the one how had hit him on and the and explained to Rick how the world is.
  7. Rick picking apart a walker and suddenly almost fall due to him being exhausted and not having used his muscles.
  8. Rick informing Morgan and co due to them running low on supplies and trying to find better armor and ammo for weapons.
  9. Rick and Morgan leaving in separate ways but before leaving, Rick giving Morgan a radio to contact him to find him later.
  10. Rick running out of gas so, he hitching on a ride on a horse, due to that one being close and Rick thinking the horse wants to stretch its legs.