A Show That Will Have You Scared For Your Life

Supernatural is a show about Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester. Then one day their mom was incinerated by  a demon named Azazel along with the house when she tried to protect Sam from Azazel, while Sam was a baby. Their mom  Mary Winchester was a retired hunter and their father John Winchester is still a hunter, which specializes in killing demons, ghost, and mythical creatures. When they grew up their father disappeared and now it is passed down to them that they have to become hunters and it is up to them to destroy these things and save this world from chaos.    

Supernatural was first release on September 13, 2005 and sill continues in 2016 with 10 seasons and 244 episodes. Starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. Misha Collins as Castiel which is one of the important characters in Supernatural. This show is the best one I’ve ever seen in my life with a lot of action and twist to the story that your eyes will be glue to the screen.

These characters and actors interact with each other <strongly>which are mostly Sam and Dean and they are brothers that will always stick together. Then Castiel the angel that is always with the is also an important character because he helps them out and tells information that will help greatly the next day. Sam and Dean play extremely important role than Castiel because their the ones that will stop the demons, creatures, mythical creatures from hurting people.

In supernatural episode 8 after the Winchester focus of the early episodes, Hibbing 911 finds the boys sidelined for a bit as Sheriff Jody Mills finds herself at a Minnesota-Dakotas Sheriff Retreat where bodies begin turning up with alarming regularity. The episode also marks the return of Sheriff Donna Hanscum, Supernatural’s very own Marge Gunderson, attending the retreat, dealing with her ex-husband and latching on to cool new pal, Jody, for all it’s worth. However, when the bodies seem to have been eaten by something neither Jody nor Donna can identify, Sam and Dean decide to trek up to Hibbing to the hand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

This show will blow your head with a great story you will never forget off your mind. Many people will highly recommend this show when you hear them talking about it. These characters have a cool and interesting characteristics that you laugh at them. For example, when Dean always go with Sam to buy burgers and he said, “Don’t forget my cheese burger.” Their was also this time when they fight a villain and the villain was smack with a chair and Sam said, “Yeah, hows that feel popcorn head.” With this, Supernatural kicks up for its humor, action, and of course supernatural events that happen.