The Big Bad Big Mac


McDonald’s is one of the most famous fast food restaurants around the world and is mostly famous for their Big Mac.

McDonald’s was originally opened as a barbecue restaurant in 1940 but then Richard and Maurice McDonald turned it into a burger joint in 1948. The closest McDonald’s  here in Stockton is located at 2415 West Hammer Lane.

The Big and Bad Big Mac

The main food item or most popular item at McDonald’s would be their Big Mac meal. As soon as you open that box you instantly fall in love with the smell, but once you grab the soft and fluffy sesame bun that warms your fingers to the touch. Look at the wonderful creation. But as soon as you bite into the warm, smoky, and juicy flavored patty with a taste of their secret Big Mac sauce you instantly go to heaven.

It’s good and has great flavor in every bite and its a flavor fourth of July.

— Brian Jarrett

The #1 side

The secondary food item and what everybody buys with their meal is the infamous french fries. After you eat your delicious Big Mac you must have a side of fries. Once you pull out the bright red box full of fries and you smell the warm and comfy smell you instantly want to chow down. These wonderful fries are the perfect temperature if not too hot for some people, but you cannot go to McDonald’s without ordering fries.


McDonald’s has great new and up to date decor and technology. Walking into McDonald’s is a good feeling and it feels welcoming and it has great furniture to sit and eat your food at. Another thing is they always try and serve their food as fast as possible.


Everybody should try the Big Mac meal if they haven’t tried it already. Once you take that first bite into the fluffy bun and get to the smoky flavored juicy patty you wont regret buying it because you can always wash it down with a ice cold soda.If you want to check out this amazing meal and read more about it.

It satisfy’s my hunger whenever I’m hungry

— Jamal Fullard