Taco Bell is overrated for a reason

The Restraunt

Taco Bell may not be your everyday authentic mexican food, but it can be a substitute for it. Sometimes its great to the mix things up, Taco Bell is the place.

The Menu

When it comes to their drinks, burritos, tacos, or specials, Taco Bell has a variety of things on their menu. Their menu is sectioned on by drinks, tacos, and burritos, specials, then their nachos.  It has so much on the menu, theres so many to choose from!

The First Dish

The first dish was Taco Bell’s long lived item, their Mexican Pizza. It comes out as a pizza cut into four pieces but tastes like a crisp taco. The Mexican Pizza, sandwiched in between two crisp tortilla chips, along with seasoned ground beef, and refried beans, topped with with three types of cheese, all mixed together, and diced tomato.

Second Dish

The second dish is Taco Bell’s Nacho Bell Grande. It is exactly what its name is. Crisp tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese, diced ground beef, onion, and tomatoes.

His dream

Glen Bell was the founder of Taco Bell. In 1952, he had a stand that sold hot dogs and hamburgers. Shortly after, he started to sell tacos at a taco stand named Taco-Tias. That soon advanced him into selling tacos at a restaurant in San Bernardino. In 1962, he decided to go solo and open the first Taco Bell.

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10/10 recommend

 Looking for a tasty meal? Go for Taco Bell! They have so many things to choose from on their menu and its also great when you want to change things up and eat something else! As we know, there are many that are located in Stockton, California.

I love Taco Bell’s Quesarito. – Tooba Naveed