Nena’s Mexican is a good way to go !

The Taste of Mexico right in front of you is the best feeling with the Mexican culinary tradition in Stockton since 1985 has people coming back for more. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner to satisfy your taste buds.

From Downtown to South B st. is where both the Nena’s are located at. Yes, there are two Nena’s located in Stockton. Maria Elena “Nena” Salcedo, which is the wonderful owner of these restaurants, made it feel like home. She is a successful owner and proud of her homemade food that have amazing prices and of her service she gives to her customers.

With the handmade tortillas to their refreshing horchata, Nena’s food will have you stuffed to the max. From Huevos Rancheros, Huevos Con Tocino, Chile Coloardo, Tacos and Chile Verde, just to name a few all have a delicious taste and smell of their own spices. The main food item was a chicken quesadilla and chicken Chimichanga with beans and rice. The chicken was very juicy and tasty not dry in both the quesadilla and Chimichanga. The rice and beans had enough flavor and went perfectly with the meal, washed down with a nice cold sprite. The food came out hot and ready to scarf down. The value of this meal was about 10 dollars.

The second item was a hot supreme Asada burrito with no rice. The burrito was very tasty and juicy. However, the cheese in the burrito was sandwich cheese and it was completely unappetizing. Despite the discover of the cheese the texture of the burrito was good and spicy. The value of the meal wasn’t worth it.

Besides the food, the décor was not all that. It was very quiet and small. The bathroom was right by the kitchen which was very disturbing. The service was very fast and it was great despite how small the restaurant was.

I do not recommend the Nena’s on South B street. The quality of food wasn’t as great as the 1st Nena’s which is located downtown on 445 W Weber Ave.  However the prices are the same but the quality between the two locations are different.

They put sandwich cheese in this burrito. I’m so sad”

— Yasmine Firme