Milanesas de Pollo: A Different Kind of Fried Chicken

What is a Milanesa?

This food is a homemade meal that can be found in restaurants or at homes. It is a simply made typical Mexican dish. A Milanesa de Pollo can be described as a chicken breast breaded in moronas de pan or bread crumbs. Although it is often served along side a salad and beans, it can be served with anything to fit a person’s liking. Because these can be made at home, there is always that satisfaction when eating them because they are authentically made by a person who keeps the Mexican sazón (seasoning).

History of the food

Milanesas, although a typical dish in the life of a Mexican family, is not exactly a Mexican dish. Milanesas can be found as part of the diet in mostly Central American countries. In fact, the preparation of this meat first began in other countries such as Latin America, the Middle East, India, and Japan. In the late nineteenth century. However, being from different countries, the piece of meat was called or referred to by different names such as Cullet, Schnitzel, and Chicken Fried Steak.

Milanesas are one of the first foods I learned to make. It is very simple.

— Edna Vazquez

Milanesas de Pollo

A milanesa de pollo is prepared by dipping a chicken breast into a bowl of raw eggs. Once they are all covered, they are placed in a plate with bread crumbs where they can be covered. The bread crumbs that cover up the chicken can be made in two different ways. Some people prefer their meat covered by homemade bread. In order to achieve this, they use bollido (a type of bread) that is left in the open for a couple hours to where it is hardened. To get its crumbs, they simply cut  the bread in half and rub the two pieces together to get enough crumbs to fully cover their chicken. Other spices can be mixed in as well to give it a different taste. The other more simple way of getting bread crumbs for chicken is by buying a box that is already prepared.

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Secondary Food

Because a Milanesa is just fried meat, it can be accompanied by various sides. In this specific dish, the Milanesa is served with potatoes and spaghetti. The potatoes are cooked with a pinch of salt. While they cook, spinach is cut in thing slices to be added to the potatoes once they are golden and toasty. 

Another side to this specific meal is the spaghetti. This requires a few more steps to make than the potatoes. The spaghetti is made with cream cheese, milk, butter, onions, and a little bit of salt. It’s creaminess is a significant contrast to the crunchy fried chicken.

Decor and Service

Milanesas are delicious wherever they are eaten. However, the best place to eat them is at home when they are homemade. At home, you can make as many as you want and at whatever time you want. Not only this, but you can eat in the comfortably of your home without any distractions or disturbances.

I like Milanesas because you can eat them with almost anything. It’s just a good meal.

— Samantha Vazquez

Why eat them?

Milanesas are a meal people should try at least once in their life. In fact, it is so common in Mexico that there are restaurants that specifically sell only  tortas de milanesa in almost every corner. This traditional meal can be shared among other cultures so that everyone can try this delightful and tasty meal. It truly is “just a good meal”.