Just Wing It

These wings taste like Heaven.

— Nienna Willingham

Messy Food

Although eating messy may not always be the preferred way to eat, it is definitely one of the best ways to eat. Wings are the perfect finger food. And the absolute best place to grub wings at is Wingstop.

I’m so excited to eat my Cajun wings with blue cheese.

— Fernanda Arriaga

Saucy Wings

The wings are extremely saucy and scrumptious. They look perfect and smell great. There are many different wing flavors and the wing flavors can range from sour, sweet and even spicy. There are also different ways to eat your wings. You can choose from classic wings or boneless wings. Usually, people eat boneless wings when they want to be more clean and use a fork. However if you don’t mind getting down and dirty, classic wings are the way to go. It is the best way to eat wings most authentically. Classic wings provide the most savory and flavorful chicken. Wingstop is an overall 10/10. It has great food and amazing service.


Wings don’t fly alone

Wings are a great food, but what is a great food without equally amazing sides? Nothing! Wings go perfectly with soda and french fries. The fries are served crispy and hot. They are seasoned to perfection and are served flawlessly into a basket. Wingstop the hook-up when it comes to refreshments. They have those new  Coca-cola hi-tech machines with an infinite amount of refreshment options.

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Fly into Wingstop

Wingstop is pretty clean. It has great service with friendly employees. Wingstop has a very personal and friendly service. They call you by your name, not by a number when they call you for your food. It also has an aviation-themed decor. It has a 30’s vibe. There are murals of airplanes all over the inside. The tables are decorated with airplane blueprints and cartoon pilots. The walls also have frames of famous pilots.


Location and History

There are three Wingstops in Stockton. The closest one to the school is the one on West Lane. Wingstop was founded by Antonio Swad, who later sold the franchise. This lead to Wingstop having over 700 restaurants open worldwide since it was first founded 18 years ago.


Make a stop to Wingstop

When you want to eat out but you aren’t sure where to go, just wing it. Just drop by Wingstop and buy yourself some delicious wings whether you want to dine in or carry-out.