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What is your favorite salsa at chipotle?

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I think Chipotle is okay if i am really hungry

— Ferline Ayo

Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant that sells more Americanized Mexican food. Their main food id the burrito and the bowl. You can say its kind of like subway because you can choose what ingredients you want in your burrito or bowl. Most times they are very generous withe the amount of food you get get but it all depends on the worker you get.

Next to Weberstown

Chipotle is located at 4940 Pacific Ave Stockton CA 95207. It is in the plaza of the Weberstown mall right next to Starbucks coffee. It was founded by Steve Ells in 1993 with 16 restaurants in Colorado. And grew to over 1900 locations nationwide.

Main food

The main food item at chipotle is either the burrito or the bowl, the possibilities at chipotle are endless. you get to pick what ingredients you want in your burrito or bowl. When you get your food your greeted with the warm burrito wrapped in foil. Then you can really smell all the fresh ingredients. It is very large and you cant wait to take a bite  of the delicious combination of ingredients and enjoy all the different flavors.

Second food

The chipotle chips are a very good side. They go great with either your burrito or your bowl. They also go great with any salsa offered at chipotle, my personal favorite it the guacamole it just goes together perfectly.


Although I always prefer to eat at home it is a very nice restaurant and gives a comfortable atmosphere to dine is and enjoy your food. The people are always very polite and always give your your food and take your orders with a smile on their face. You will not have a bad experience with the costumer service there.

Chipotle is heavenly

— Xitlali Parada

Although there have been cases of E-coli in some of the ingredients at chipotle, but i would not let it but a damp on your experience there. The food is still very delicious and the ingredients are local and always fresh. You at least need to try it once in your life to get hooked.