Chipotle achieves perfection.

Who’s hungry?

Oh, the sweetness of Mexican cuisine. The mouth-watering smell of the grill heat intermingled with condiments and your preferred meat, or non-meat. Simple perfection. Chipotle provides a very courteous staff and delicious meals. You will receive fast service and affordable options? Whether you are in a rush or wishing to sit down, Chipotle is a great option. Pick your staple, your rice or beans, and your condiments. A restaurant where you can get what you want, how you want it and in more ways than one. So many choices, there are too many to list them all. Want to see all the choices? Here is the menu. Want to host a party? Chipotle caters.

Meet the meat.

Chipotle is too good. Must be cheating the system.

— Jeffrey Harris (Left)

Chipotle offers quite a few choices in the meat department. You can get carnitas, steak, or chicken. The choice is yours. Add some zest in your life, with all these flavors. All of their meat is freshly cooked and seared to perfection. Unlike many fast food restaurants, Chipotle offers meat that won’t make you gain 100 pounds with each bite. Their chicken is only 180 calories, 60 fat calories! McDonald’s chicken sandwich is approximately 600 calories. Chipotle seems to be the winner here.


Shout out the herbivores out there!

Are you vegetarian? Having a hard time finding a place to get a balanced meal? Do not worry, Chipotle offers Sofritas, a healthy, protein-filled alternative to meat. It is made of tofu, marinated in spicy sauces and Mexican spices. How many restaurants do you know of that have healthy alternatives on their menu?


To compliment your meal, you can add black beans, fajita veggies, pinto beans, or rice. This is a must, unless you prefer boring foods. (If this is the case, Chipotle is not for you!)

Where did this come from?

Chipotle Mexican Grill arose in 1993, taking everyone by storm. Proving that fast food did not have to be the typical hum drum rush of eating, despite the quick order delivery. Quality service and ingredients have been striven for. Chipotle partners with high quality farms, with non-synthetic hormones to create an environment to benefit the customer the greatest.’



I would definitely recommend Chipotle to everyone because of it’s great service and amazing meals provided. The decor is amazing and simple bliss to eat in an establishment that cares.

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