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 Burgers and Brew

            Don’t you just love a nice juicy burger once in awhile that’s seasoned perfectly? “Burgers and Brew” by “Crepeville” is an overall four star rating burger joint accompanied by a various selection of beer as well. This “Burgers and Brew” is in Davis, California there are many certificates saying “Best Burgers in Yolo County”.  If you love a good burger this is the place to go.

During our competition at UC Davis, we didn’t want to go to “The Graduate” again like we do every year, so we looked for good burgers in Davis and found this place. It’s definitely my favorite now.

— Tracy Kissner

   This Old House

At the Davis California location, this “Burgers and Brew” is an old house made into a restaurant. As for the other locations in Chico and Sacramento, their restaurants aren’t as unique. Although the inside of the house is a very comfortable atmosphere, the joy of eating outside feels more open than the crowded inside, beings that they’re constantly busy.

Upon Entering

Walking inside there will be a table with menus provided for you while you wait in line. After you order you are given a number and you seat yourself wherever and your food will be served to you. If you order a drink like coke, lemonade and such, after you order they will have your drink for you at the bar. But maybe you didn’t order a drink and just want water, then they have pitchers of water and glasses on the side for you to get yourself.

 Burgers and Fries

With so many burger options, there are many choices of fries as well. From hamburgers and bacon avocado burgers to seasoned fries and sweet potato fries. The burgers are always juicy, never dry, and done just the way you’d like with a warm crisp bun. Their fries are never over seasoned, crispy, and cooked perfectly. But if you don’t like fries, then they have the choice of a salad as well.

Cheers to good burgers

“Burgers and Brew” is a great restaurant to go for the best burgers. The restaurant makes the experience even better. There’s three locations all in California, in Davis on 3rd street, in Sacramento on R street, and in Chico on Broadway street.


This burger is so great, I love this place.

— Brenda Naranjo






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