Chicken tenders taste great

The ultimate in comfort food

Finger food

Sometimes finger food just hits the spot, and can be considered the ultimate comfort food. Among those food we eat without the use of tableware are chicken fingers and fries. If you are in the mood for great chicken fingers, Raising Cane’s is the place.

He had a dream

Todd Graves had a dream of owning a restaurant that served chicken fingers. For a college class he wrote a business plan for a chicken finger restaurant. His professor said that it would never work. The banks rejected his idea. Unable to secure a loan to start his business, he went to work in an oil refinery in Los Angeles as a boilermaker and as a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska to raise money for his dream. Finally able to acquire a small business loan, Graves opened his first Raising Cane’s 1996.

When I opened the first location of Raising Cane’s®, I had a vision that the restaurant would provide a place in the community where people could receive high quality food served by a friendly and fun crew in an environment that was clean, safe and fun.

— Todd Graves - Founder, Chairman, CEO, Fry Cook and Cashier

It’s all about the chicken

The chicken fingers are prepared fresh when ordered. They do not sit around under heat lamps waiting for customers. While Cane’s is a fast food restaurant, dine-in customers do not have to carry their own food to the table. Meals are delivered to customers, not by numbers, but by their names. The hot crunchy golden brown chicken fingers are the centerpiece of each meal. The smell is chicken, not grease. Break a chicken finger apart, and the tender white breast meat compels a taste. The outside is crisp with just the right amount of spice, the inside moist and firm. On first bite, the fingers are a hit. Cane’s chicken fingers are great alone, or kicked up with Cane’s dipping sauce. Watch out Colonel Sanders, this is not KFC.

The chicken’s best friends

Cane’s does not serve regular fries. Cane’s crinkle cut fries are fresh made and served just as hot as the chicken. The crinkles are perfect for holding ketchup or Cane’s sauce. The outside is crisp, the inside soft, with just the right amount of salt.

The coleslaw is made fresh daily and served cold. Eating coleslaw by hand is just plane messy, so use a fork. (Otherwise, people will look at you funny.)

The Texas toast is brushed with a butter and garlic blend, then grilled to perfection. The grilled side has a slight crunch with a comforting soft inside.

Coca-Cola products, freshly brewed tea and sweet tea, and lemonade from hand cut real lemons wash down any meal. The crushed ice is perhaps the best part of any beverage.

The Cane’s sauce is a secret. It is made daily by Restaurant General Managers.

A simple menu

Raising Cane’s menu is simple – chicken fingers, crinkle cut fries, Texas toast, coleslaw, Cane’s sauce, and beverages. The biggest decision is how many chicken fingers to order.

The Kid’s meal is two fingers, Cane’s dipping sauce, fries, kid’s drink and a prize.

The Three Finger is just that, three chicken fingers, fries, toast, Cane’s sauce and a regular drink.

The Sandwich is three chicken fingers on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, fries, sauce and a regular drink.

Hungry for more, The Box contains four chicken fingers, toast, coleslaw, sauce and a regular drink.

I waiting a whole year to come back to Raising Cane’s here in Las Vegas.

— Warren Wertz

The Caniac is the big meal, suitable for sharing. Six chicken fingers, extra fries, toast, coleslaw, double Cane’s sauce and a large drink will satisfy the hungriest appetite.

For those having a big party, order tailgate packs of 25, 50, 75 or 100. Do not forget the Cane’s sauce.

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Work hard and have fun

Raising Cane’s is fast foot. No table clothes and cloth napkins here. Cane’s has happy employees, who take order with a smile, who deliver food with a smile, who sweep the floor with a smile, and who clean tables quickly and with a smile.

Say “YES” to Cane’s

Raising Cane’s serves great chicken tenders and tasty fries.

Looking for a tasty bite, look no further than Raising Cane’s. The menu is simple to navigate (Choose chicken fingers and fries.), the food tastes good.  The closest Raising Cane’s to Stockton is in Reno, Nevada, on South Virginia Street (184.5 miles). There are two Cane’s in Southern California, one in Aliso Viejo (331.2 miles) and the other in Costa Mesa (319.2 miles). Try Raising Cane’s for the best chicken fingers.